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Testimonials Page - Last Day 1st June

It is with great regret that after 30 years of trading we are permanently closing The Compact Disc and The Record Shop, Sevenoaks. This has not been an easy decision to reach and has taken much deliberation, but we have agreed that now is the right time to close our doors.

We would like to stress that the closure of our business is not a reflection of the current transitions within high street retail. It is not widely reported that Independent Record Shops are enjoying a great resurgence. The prosperous period that we have been enjoying has made this an even more complicated discussion, a tribute to how well supported we have been over the years.

We would like to thank our many customers for your loyalty and dedicated support. To supply you with your favourite pieces of music, introduce you to amazing new artists, and make so many friends along the way has been our pleasure and privilege. It has been great fun, for which we consider ourselves very fortunate – a quite unique experience in retail.

We have a 50% discount sale on all of our vast range of CDs, records, DVDs and other varied and wonderful stock, continuing until our last day on the 1st June, so please do come and see us before we go.

On this tribute page we would love you to share your memories of the shop, and also your thanks, love, and recollections of the man whose vision created such a much-loved, original, and enduring business. Since the untimely death of Martin in October 2017 the shop could never have been the same. Each day he brought to us all such humour, intellect, knowledge, compassion, and so many other immeasurable attributes. Martin would want us to continue to have good old irreverent fun, so we will be here for a short while to help you enjoy his shop. 

There will be a memorial concert for Martin on 5th July as part of the Sevenoaks Summer Festival.


17 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Jeff Baldwin says:

    Hi Phill , Such a shame but I would like to thank you for the great service you have provided and wish you well in whatever it is you are going to do .
    Kind regards

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  2. Adrian says:

    Hi Phill,

    So sad to read this news. I want to thank you and all of the staff at the shop for their enthusiasm and for the great service you have provided to me over the years. I will be coming in to buy some records before you close and to pay my respects. I for one will sorely miss having a local record shop which I so enjoyed being a customer of. Wishing you and all of the other members of staff success in whatever you choose to do next.


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    • thecompactdiscshop says:

      Thanks very much, Adrian. Good man. We have also loved your visits and chat.
      We’ll be here, happy to help you fill any gaps in the collection.
      I know that you’ll continue to support great independent music retailers.


  3. Jeff Lee says:

    Not many small independent retailers can claim to have been so important to their customers for so long as yours. Having known Martin from the Beckenham shop, I was absolutely delighted to meet him and you when we moved to Otford in 2000. It’s always been a real pleasure to visit the shop, explore your huge stock, and be pointed in new musical directions. It must have been really hard for you over recent times, and I’ll really miss your cheerful welcome and the banter, as well as your brilliant service and musical knowledge. I’ll be in to see you soon, so don’t close before then, please…

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    • thecompactdiscshop says:

      Hello Jeff,
      I’m sure that you know how much we looked forward to your visits, too – and we still do. To have so many friends of the shop is a testament to the shop’s reflection of Martin’s personality. We’ve all been fortunate to learn from him.
      See you soon.


  4. stephen bristow says:

    Just discovered you… almost too late!
    Thank you for your friendly service on the phone.
    I hope that the closure goes smoothly for all concerned — it’s never an easy thing to do!


  5. Megan Ramsay says:

    Sad doesn’t really cover it – this is such a great place to try, buy and discuss music. Nowhere quite compares to the Compact Disc. Thanks especially to Phill for excellent advice and fantastic customer service over the years.

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    • thecompactdiscshop says:

      Thanks, Megan.
      It is sad, but we’re so pleased that Martin’s shop has brought so much happiness to so many people over the years – we’ve learned from the very best. It’s great that your music collection is all the better for it!


  6. David Sayers says:

    Dear CD shop team
    I’m really sad to hear this news. You were one of the highlights of a trip to Sevenoaks and I will miss the time spent browsing through your treasure trove of vinyls.
    Good luck for the future

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    • thecompactdiscshop says:

      Cheers, David.
      The fact that the support of a smallish town like Sevenoaks can sustain a record shop in the modern age should be celebrated. The diversity of the stock certainly is a wonderful thing.
      Keep on supporting the other local highlights!
      The CD Shop Team ✌️


  7. Mrs.J.Aspinall says:

    It was my husband who dealt with you for ourselves and daughter over the years, but he passed away 2years ago and I have had the pleasure since . We will miss you massively as there is no one out there with the knowledge you have. So we are gutted but understand and wish you well.
    Janice and Jayne Aspinall


    • thecompactdiscshop says:

      Dear Janice and Jayne,
      As we mention in our statement, the greatest pleasure of our business is getting to know and interacting with people such as yourselves and your husband. It is that we shall miss the most.
      All the best,
      Your friendly local Record Shop


  8. Colin and Lorraine says:

    We are sad to hear that you are to close. We live some distance away but, whenever shopping in Sevenoaks, your shop is always top of our destination. In fact, several times, the pleasure in visiting your shop has driven us to visit Sevenoaks. Your knowledge, product choice and customer service always delivered with a cheery smile, along with your quirky shop has been a delight on each and every occasion. We have always gone away with treasures to enjoy. A sad day indeed, it is specialist shops such as yours, that deliver in all aspects that help to keep a high street alive. We wish you well for the future.

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  9. Margaret Palmer says:

    We moved to the area in 2003 and were delighted to discover an independent record shop.
    Each Christmas we would individually visit the shop to buy CDs for the other, guided in our choice by Martin and Phill whose huge knowledge ensured we always loved the music we purchased. Obligingly they kept a list of our individual purchases behind the counter to avoid replication and ensure we had a surprise – we think only once in 14 years did we duplicate a CD!! It was of course swiftly changed!!

    Christmas will never be the same…we miss Martin and we shall miss the huge pleasure we derived from our pre-Christmas mass purchases and the helpful advice that Phill has continued to provide. Your customer service was top drawer!! Our best wishes for the future.
    Maggie & Steve

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    • thecompactdiscshop says:

      Thanks very much, Maggie & Steve.
      Such is the responsibility of supplying people with something as important as music, it can even make or break Christmas. We have all been more than happy to help, and always looked forward to your visits.
      All the best to you both, and to your music collection.
      We hope that Christmas goes well . . .


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