As well offering you the wealth of our knowledge, experience and enthusiasm, the readiness to recommend artists and titles previously unknown to you reintroduces what is so often lacking in retail today: the personal connection with you, the customer. We feel that this sets us apart from our competitors, leading us to not only survive, but to thrive.

We accept any enquiry, and endeavour to locate your desired item from one of our many suppliers – even if you might have previously been told that it is no longer available! If you can visit the shop, we have the facility to demo music; from time to time we have even been known to play requests down the phone.

You might have a song lyric that’s been in your mind, but you haven’t been able to trace it – please ask. There may be that elusive film that you just can’t remember what it’s called – using the resources available to us, we’ll find it for you.

Although there are no longer catalogues produced by the record companies, we have many sources of reference to locate long-sought for items. Just leave it with us . . .