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The Compact Disc Shop is a long-established independent record shop, specialising in all genres of music. Having developed long-standing relationships with record labels and distributors all over the world, we can quickly obtain any title for you – no matter how obscure – from one of our many suppliers.

In 2017, we expanded into the shop next door, where you can now find our huge range of pre-owned vinyl in one place.

Please feel free to use our contact form, but we really like to hear from you directly, which is why – unlike so many businesses – we are only too keen to supply our phone number. Please feel free to give us a call today on (UK +44) 01732 740889.



6 thoughts on “The Compact Disc Shop

  1. James says:

    I came in and purchased Nouvelle Vague yesterday and we discussed how more places should play this kind of music.. I popped into a French cafe in the City today and “Ever Fallen In Love” was playing haha.


  2. Michele Spiers says:

    I am looking to convert a vinyl (5 records boxed set) album to CD or digital. Do you know anyone locally who does this please?


  3. Malcolm says:

    Michelle Spiers could be advised to purchase EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter
    and she can convert the albums herself.
    Also, turntables with USB connecters into computers for recording
    are widely available.
    Hope this helps.


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